YK Eleven (YK-11) (5 - 15 Mg) - 60 Caps.

YK Eleven (YK-11) (5 - 15 Mg) - 60 Caps.


Androtech Research's YK ElevenYK-11 is considered the strongest and most popular SARMs on the market, it has similar effects as anabolic agents, but without the undesirable side effects. YK-11 has the ability to rapidly increase muscle mass and retain the effects after its usage, YK Eleven also act as a myostatin inhibitor, which works as an anti-catabolic compound, allowing muscular development far exceeding the genetic potential.



YK ELEVEN YK-11 attaches itself to an androgen receptor. This induces the muscles to create more Follistatin, which limits the levels of Myostatin, allowing the muscle to growth beyond genetic capability.


YK Eleven YK-11 leads to increased muscle growth, as well as muscle retention and growth of new muscle cells. YK-11 also can give you a boost in the gym, this way you can push harder and longer without experiencing fatigue.



Myostatin is a protein that the body produces and releases. These proteins are called myokines, they are released by the muscle cells in order to prevent excessive muscle grow. They are released when the muscle cells contract and muscle fibers break, basically during weight lifting.


Myostatin inhibitor is a compound that inhibits the amount of myostatin flowing in the body, allowing you to exceed your previous muscle building threshold.



  • Enhances muscle growth without water retention

  • Accelerate fat burning

  • Increase muscle strength

  • Increase muscle size

  • Increase endurance

  • Enhances power and speed

  • High muscle retention after cycle

  • No negative side effects



1-2 tablets daily.



Results may vary according to many factors, such as diet, training routine, and lifestyle.


For bulking cycles: In a 8 week cycle of YK ELEVEN YK-11, gains of 10-15lbs of muscle can be expect, as well any fat will be accumulate if your diet is on point with high intake of protein.


For cutting cycles: Gains of 5-10lbs of muscle plus 5-10lbs of fat loss are common. The calorie consumption should be at deficit of 500-1000 calories approximately during this cycle.



YK ELEVEN is a very popular compound in the bodybuilding industry, due to its ability to promote fast muscle gains and fat loss. YK ELEVEN offer results similar to AAS, however YK-11 compounds are more selective in the areas that they target, causing no undesirable side effects.




Is TCP needed after a YK-11 cycle?


No. As this SARM does not shut down the natural testosterone production, post cycle therapy is not necessary.


Can women take YK ELEVEN YK-11


As YK-11 does not promote unhealthy testosterone boosts, women should be able to take it with minimal problems. However, they should take smaller doses.


Is YK safe?


YES, when used responsibly. Drink plenty of water and stay aware of your body's function to make sure no adverse reaction is taking place.