Nutrabol (MK-677) (10 Mg) - 60 Caps.

Nutrabol (MK-677) (10 Mg) - 60 Caps.

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Androtech Research's Nutrabol MK-677 is consider a game changer in the fitness and bodybuilding world. It is a potent Growth Hormone Secretagogue (GSHs) designed to boost the body's natural secretion of growth hormone by stimulating the pituitary gland to release growth hormone (GH). And because Nutrabol MK-677 does not stimulates testosterone, it does not cause aromatization or damage to liver, kidney, nor prostate.


Studies have shown an endless list of benefits that elevated growth hormone can provide to the body. Nutrabol MK-677 is very effective in increasing GH and IGF-1 levels, which increase lean muscle mass, prevent muscle loss, accelerate metabolism, and speed up fat loss.



Like other SARMS, Nutrabol MK-677 works by binding to androgen receptors, changing the way they work in the body.


Nutrabol MK-677 acts as a stimulant, increasing the release of growth hormone and IGF-1, without affecting cortisol levels. Furthermore, by altering the metabolism of body fat, Nutrabol MK-677 help accelerate fat burning.


Growth hormone pulse intensity can be positively impacted through 4 possible mechanisms:


  • Inhibits somatostatin receptor signaling

  • Minimizes somatostatin release

  • Amplifies somatotroph signaling in growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH)

  • Increases the overall production and release of GHRH



  • Increases lean muscle mass and size

  • Increases fat loss

  • Increases bone density

  • Increases endurance

  • Accelerates healing of ligaments, tendons and bones

  • Helps healing old injuries

  • Tightens skin

  • Improves sleep

  • Boosts immune system



Higher levels of growth hormone directly affect the protein synthesis of new protein tissue, allowing the body to build new muscle. HGH also helps the body metabolize fat effectively and improve complexion. Its also has anti-aging properties and the ability to improve sleeping patterns and energy.


IGF-1 is the only hormone that can create brand new muscle cell through cellular division. It also repairs nerve damage, reduces the amounts of fat stored, speeds up healing of injuries, bones, tendons and ligaments. Its anti-aging properties can tighten loose skin.



1-3 tablets daily.



  • MUSCLE MASS GAIN: Nutrabol MK-677 + Ligandrol LGD-4033

  • FAT LOSS: Nutrabol MK-677 + Andarine S4 + Cardarine GW-501516

  • ENDURANCE & CROSSFIT: Nutrabol MK-677 + Cardarine GW-501516


Nutrabol MK-677 is a great tool for these group because of a lack of androgenic side effects or interference on cardio abilities. These combos can take your endurance to the next level.




Do I need TCP after a cycle of Nutrabol MK-677?


Because Nutrabol MK-677 does not shutdown natural GH production, TCP is not necessary.


What results can be expected?


Is not uncommon to see gains of 10-15lbs of lean muscle mass in the first cycle. Also, noticeable is the improvement on sleep patterns, increased energy levels, endurance and strength.


Does Nutrabol MK-677 suppress the natural growth hormone production?


No, because it does not cause pituitary desensitization.


Can Nutrabol MK-677 be used for cutting and bulking?


Bulking is where Nutrabol MK-677 shines, since it increases appetite, so if used during cutting a potent appetite suppressant would be recommended.