Cycle Reset (Post Cycle Therapy)

Cycle Reset (Post Cycle Therapy)

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Cycle Reset is the most complete post-cycle therapy (TPC) product that helps restore your body quickly after any pro-hormonal cycle.


Cycle Reset is the most complete post-cycle therapy (TPC) product that helps restore your body quickly after any pro-hormonal cycle like HYDRA and TYPHON.

Cycle Reset contains Arimistane, a new ingredient that acts directly on hormonal modulation designed to lower estrogen levels, increase the body's natural production of testosterone, control cortisol and increase sexual performance to levels never before experienced.




  • Maintains earnings during the cycle;
  • Improves the release of IGF-1 and GH;
  • Prevents the production of estrogen (the female hormone);
  • Inhibits aromatization (conversion of excess male to female hormone);
  • Restore endogenous testosterone,
  • Inhibits the binding of estradiol and progesterone to their receptors (reduces estrogen synthesis);
  • Maintains earnings during the cycle;
  • Improves sexual performance, strength and energy;




After the cycle with a prohormone (which usually takes 4 weeks), you should start using (in the fifth week) Cycle Reset, taking two capsules daily for 30 days. You can choose to take them together or split them twice a day to optimize the absorption levels of the substances.


Why is it important to do TPC with Cycle Reset?


When we use pro-hormonal supplements, we have an increase in levels of anabolic hormones like testosterone. However, after discontinuation of this use, the body undergoes an effect known as "rebound", that is, it understands that it already has sufficient quantities of androgen hormones in the body and stops producing them. Yet, to counterbalance, it often converts these male hormones into female hormones.


These changes that occur during the cycle can cause harm and so you should use a supplement that can restore the body's natural functions quickly and safely. For this, it is indicated, as it is able to stimulate the body to produce testosterone again, prevents processes of aromatization and helps in the control of blood lipids, avoiding problems of dyslipidemias.


Why is it important to lower estrogen levels with Cycle Reset?


Estrogens are a group of naturally female hormones, but, which are in minimal amounts in men as well. However, when elevated in males, these hormones can cause alterations and damages such as the aromatization processes, which can lead to gynecomastia, a drop in testosterone production, an increase in body fat, loss of muscle mass, infertility, reduction in testicle size and in their functions, etc.


Cycle Reset prevents these events safely and that is why it is always important to use it after a cycle with androgenic prohormones such asHydra and Typhon.


Should I take Cycle Reset as soon as the use of pro-hormones stops?


Yes. Cycle Reset should be used as soon as the first week after the cycle with a pro-hormonal.


Can I continue taking Cycle Reset to keep my testosterone high even after the TPC period is over?


Cycle Reset is a designated supplement for the restoration of the axis and for normalization in the natural levels of testosterone that tend to become low after a prohormone cycle.


If your testosterone is low for physiological reasons, you can use the product for the same purpose. However, if you already have adequate testosterone levels, it will not cause such a significant increase, so the use of Hydra or Typhon is most appropriate.


Can I use Cycle Reset just to boost my testosterone?


The purpose of the product is to raise testosterone levels that may be relatively low or without maximum production in the body. This way, if this is the case, you can benefit from using Cycle Reset.


Caution: Cycle Reset is not approved as a diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of disease. Talk to your doctor about the interactions between medications and nutritional supplements you are taking. Individuals are different and may react differently to different products. Contact a healthcare professional right away when you have any health related questions. Never neglect or delay medical advice based on information you may have read. Consult a health professional before starting any diet, supplement or exercise program.