Andarine (S4) (25 Mg) - 90 Caps.

Andarine (S4) (25 Mg) - 90 Caps.

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Androtech Research’s Andarine S4 is a potent SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) renowned for its strength gains and fat loss effects, as well as for its cosmetic advantages for bodybuilders.


Andarine S4 is great during the cutting phase due to its exceptional ability to help oxidize fat, keeping the body catabolic even on a low-calorie diet, while providing a hard, dry, lean and vascularized look.


Andarine S4 yields similar effects as testosterone, increasing the production of muscle mass and calcium for bone density, without the undesirable side effects. It is highly selective in its tissue growth, binding only to muscle and bone tissues, not to reproductive organs.


For the every day fitness enthusiast, Andarine S4 is the best SARM available, helping with an overall body transformation and performance improvement.



Andarine S4 binds to the androgen receptors of muscle and bone, boosting anabolism by increasing protein synthesis, all without having any noticeable prostate activity.


Andarine S4 increases lipolysis (fat loss), due to its androgenic effects. S4 attaches well to the androgen receptor of adipose tissue, triggering fat oxidation, stimulating the body to use fat as its preferred energy source, and allowing the body to decrease excess fat at an incredible rate. This process prevents the body from going catabolic while on a low-calorie diet.


The more it is preserved, the stronger the metabolism will continue to burn. Andarine S4 also minimize Lipoprotein Lipase, which is an enzyme that plays a role in storing excess body fat

Androtech Research’s Andarine S4 also provides a hard, dry, lean look and increased vascularity and strength.



  • Stimulate lean muscle mass growth

  • Accelerate fat burning

  • Increase strength

  • Preserve bone mass

  • Improve body composition

  • Increase libido

  • Increase performance capability



Andarine S4 really stands out at the cutting phase, since it is a great option right before competition due to its naturally ability to shred, sculpt and improve vascularity with minimal to no water retention.



Andarine S4 is very popular in crossfit due to its ability to increase endurance, strength, burn fat and increase lean muscle mass without causing bloating.



1-3 tablets daily.



Andarine S4 is great and will work in synergy with other SARMs for best results.


  • ENDURANCE: Andarine S4 + Cardarine GW501516

  • FAT LOSS: Andarine S4 + Cardarine GW501516 + Ostarine MK-2866

  • BULKING: Andarine S4 + Testolone RAD-140 or Ligandrol LGD-4033




Can women use Andarine S4?

Yes, Andarine S4 is safe for women due to its non-androgenic properties.


How long does Andarine S4 takes to kick in?

Usually results can be seeing by week 2 or 3.


What results should I expect?

5-10 lbs of fat loss, plus a hardening effect on muscles, along with achieving a leaner and vascular physique.