Alpha-M1 Hardcore Combo

Alpha-M1 Hardcore Combo

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Recently launched by Dynamic Formulas the very powerful Alpha-M1 Hardcore has come to break taboos and give all users the desired result, regardless of differences in organisms and genetic tendencies to acquire muscle mass.


Promising to surpass the results of famous supplements like M-Drol and even de M-stane the Alpha-M1 Hardcore has already proven that it is here to stay. User reports are really surprising.


Alpha-M1 Hardcore is the new PH from Dynamic Formulas, with the enhanced form of Alpha-M1 getting even stronger, bigger and longer lasting gains.


The Alpha-M1 Hardcore from Dynamic Formulas brings back to life an enhanced version, the most potent Anabolic Compound ever known on the market.


This new formula is recognized as the strongest compound once developed. Alpha-M1 Hardcore gives you the strength and increased muscle mass that every bodybuilder wants in the gym.


With a 30-day cycle of this product, you can expect gains of 5 to 8kg in lean muscle mass.


After Cycle is the most complete product for post-cycle therapy (CPT) that helps to restore your body quickly after any pro-hormonal cycle.


Stane Shield contains the currently most advanced liver protection substances that provide healthy liver support and a wide variety of other benefits for total support during and after the cycle.